Chairman - Rawal Kishan Singh of Jasol

Rawal Kishan Singh, the Chairman of Shri Rani Bhatiyani Mandir Sansthan Jasol, was born in December 1950 in his maternal grandfather’s erstwhile principality of wav in Banas Kantha district of Gujrat. He grew up in his ancestral home in Jasol in Barmer district of Rajasthan where his great grandfather, Rao Bahadur Rawal Shri Zorawar Singhji was the Chieftan of erstwhile Mallani principality, His grandfather, Rawal Shri Amar Singhji was a Judge in High Court Jodhpur and later a (MLA) legislator from Pachpadra (Barmer). His father Rawal Shri Pratap Singhji was a cadet in Jodhpur Lancers.

Background of the Chairman

Trusts Associated With

Rawal Kishan Singh settled in his native village after rendering 34 years’ of Government Service and has been actively engaged with various Organizations dealing with education environment, heritage, nature and wildlife, religion and social issues some of which are enumerated below –

  1. Shri Rani Bhatiyani Mandir Sansthan Jasol (Barmer) – Chairman
  2. Shri Mallinath Gaushala Samiti Malajal, Tilwara (Barmer) – Chairman
  3. Shri Rawal Malinath Shri Rani Rupade Sansthan (Tilwara) – Chairman
  4. Shri Nagnecchya Mata Trust, Nagana (Barmer) – Vice Chairman
  5. Rajput Education Trust Jodhpur – Board Member
  6. Chopasani Siksha Samiti Jodhpur – General Council Member
  7. Shri Aurobindo School Jodhpur – Board Member