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About Shri Rani Bhatiyani Mandir Sansthan, Jasol

About Shri Rani Bhatiyani Mandir Sansthan, Jasol

Shri Rani Bhatiyani Mandir Sansthan, Jasol, is the authorized body to control and manage the day-to-day activities at the Shri Ranisa Bhatiyanisa temple (Jasol Dham). It also provides various facilities like Accommodation, Meals and lot more.
Jasol, is a large rural village, on the banks of the ancient Luni River (Maru Ganga), in Pachpadra Tehsil of Barmer district in Rajasthan. Jasol is a secular place where all religions are treated as one & a belief in the power of Faith & Patience is foremost. A place where all heads bow down in prayer, where faith prevails, where hopes are built, where patience pays, and where infinite joy and everlasting contentment abound.Such is the glory of the place which belongs to Shri Ranisa Bhatiyanisa, a true repository of kindness, who blesses all equally.
The pious devotion of devotees of Shri Ranisa Bhatiyanisa has made this village a holy place of pilgrimage. Millions of devotees continuously flock here from all over India and abroad.
Situated on the national highway 112 Jasol Rajasthan 344024, it can also be reached from the railway station at Balotra.
The sacred temple of Shri Ranisa Bhatiyanisa - affectionately known as “Majisa” or "MaaJasol" – is intricately carved in Jaisalmer stone. The miraculous healing power and the faith in Majisa have turned this small village into a unique holy place for people of all castes, creeds and religions.
While visiting Jasol Dham, one experiences complete peace of mind, a strong sense of inner peace, and a great sense of fulfilment. Jasol Dham is a convenient place to visit throughout the year, during all seasons. Majisa’s Jasol Dham is one place where even today all her devotees come filled with Hope, and go back blessed with Contentment.

Brief history

In 14th Century the capital of Mahecha Rathores shifted to Mewanagar and Rawal Shri Mallinathji was the Ruler of Mahecha Rathores, who laid the foundation of future Rathore kingdoms by his military campaigns & administrative acumen. He along with Ranisa Rupadeji, chose the Spiritual path and became Saints and both are worshipped as folk deities like their contemporaries Ramdevji, Pabuji, Hadbuji, Jaisal and Toral (Kutch). The region which came to be called “Mallani” derives its name from the Saint Ruler Rawal Shri Mallinathji or Mala.

It was in this dynasty of Mahecha Rathores, that Ranisa Bhatiyanisa was married to Rawal Shri Kalyanmalji in the 18th Century. She hailed from Jogidas-Ka—Gaon in Jaisalmer and was the daughter of Thakur Jogidasji Bhati. Her maiden name was Swaroop Kanwar. She was known for her beauty and nobility and was a very pious lady. After her marriage, she came and settled in Jasol which is situated on the bank of Luni River in Barmer District. Soon after her marriage, one or two years later, she was blessed with a handsome prince named Kunwar Lal Singhji.

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